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Rates Changes and New Unit of Service Announced at 2021 SWAN Summer Statewide Meeting

By Fawn Davies, Communications Director

In her opening remarks to the network at the 2021 SWAN Summer Statewide Meeting, Carrie Keiser, Director, Division of Programs, Office of Children, Youth and Families (OCYF), highlighted adjustments to payment rates for SWAN units of services for service referrals made during the state fiscal year 2021-2022. The payment rates are defined in OCYF Bulletin 3350-21-02, released to the network on June 30, and archived in the SWAN Permanency Toolkit. Additionally, Ms. Keiser announced a new Family Matching unit of service to be developed with support from the SWAN prime contractor throughout this fiscal year.

An increase to the payment rate was applied for three units of service: Family Profile, Placement and Finalization. The Family Profile Addendum and the Finalization Extension payment rates also increased. While the Child Profile payment rate remained unchanged, the Child Profile Addendum rate increased.  The payment rates for the remaining three units of service – Child Preparation, Child Specific Recruitment and Post-Permanency – remained unchanged. The current payment rate chart is found on page three of the bulletin.

Cost adjustments for SWAN units of service are determined by OCYF on an annual basis, and established rates are based upon actual cost and time data submitted by SWAN affiliate agencies to the SWAN prime contractor via the SWAN Portal. Timely and accurate data collection is critical to the process of rate setting. SWAN regional technical assistants work closely with affiliate agencies to resolve questions, provide training and ensure agencies have a high level of support to improve accuracy of data reported.

A Family Matching service unit has been discussed by the SWAN Rates Workgroup, a group co-led by OCYF and affiliate agencies, over the last two years. The proposed affiliate-referred services will cover matching support and services for Pennsylvania families, and the SWAN prime contractor will work with the network to determine the details, structure and training considerations. Preliminary conversations will take place beginning in August 2021.

Questions about cost and time tracking and training requests should be directed to the SWAN regional technical assistance team. Point of contact are listed in the network directory.


Published: Aug. 16, 2021

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