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SWAN LSI Contacts

The LSI Steering committee members are listed below and can be clicked on for more information

SWAN LSI Steering Committee

Full Name Title Phone
Witt-Washine, Natalie LSI Division Manager 717-231-6449
Weekes, Elizabeth Monroe County Solicitor 570-421-4727
Wahlen, Esq., Michael Adoption Legal Services Project - Manager 717-909-6777
Sholley, The Honorable Michael H. Judge 570-524-8641
Schuler, Helen Blair Court Administrator 610-278-3948
Reinhold, Lynn Community and Systems Development Manager 717-763-1661
Reigle, Heather SWAN Philadelphia Division Manager 717-231-6441
Powers, Marybeth LSI Division Manager 717-231-6436
Palmer, Suzanne LSI Division Manager 717-231-6445
Muschar, Belinda LSI Program Director 717-231-6422
Moore, Sandra Administrator 717-231-3300
Meaker, Esq., Rachel Training Director 717-558-1241
Mannering, Stephanie LSI Program Director 717-558-7349
Mann-Carpenter, Laurie LSI Division Manager 717-231-6455
Keiser, Carrie Director, Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) 717-705-4401
Johnson, Lorelei LSI Coordinator 717-558-1251
England, Sharon Curriculum and Trainer Development Department Manager 717-795-9048
Eller, Melissa TA Program Director 717-231-6438
Damiano, Judith SWAN Program Administrator 717-231-6430
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