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Pennsylvania Adoption Information Registry (PAIR)

 Act 101 of 2010 established the Pennsylvania Adoption Information Registry, PAIR, a statewide information registry for records and documents about all adoptions finalized or registered in Pennsylvania.  This amendment to the Adoption Act, known as Act 101 of 2010, will have far-reaching effects on the ability of adopted children to maintain lifelong connections with their biological family and to have access to information that was not previously allowed. 

PAIR allows adoptive children and birth parents to register information about themselves so children can better understand their own past and its potential impact on their lives and the lives of their descendents.  The Department of Human Services developed procedures and forms for birth parents and children to register with the PAIR and allows them to specify if identifying or non-identifying information can be released. 

PAIR expands the registration and search capabilities of adoptees and their families. 

  • Siblings, if both are over 21, may register and search for each other.
  • Descendants of deceased adoptees may register and search. 
  • For children under 18, an adoptive parent or legal guardian may search on behalf of the adoptee. 
  • Birth families may search for information about adoptees.

All agencies involved in the finalization of a child are required to register medical and social history information with PAIR (effective April 25, 2011). 

SWAN's PAIR Brochure is a helpful resource for adoptees and their birth families that provides a general overview of PAIR, related links and contact information.