We change the world, one child at a time.

Resource Family Services

The SWAN prime contractor supports families in many ways:

The SWAN Helpline:

  • Works directly with families  
  • Helps to identify foster care and adoption agencies
  • Recommends appropriate websites for more adoption and permanency related information
  • Relays detailed information about waiting children at www.adoptpakids.org  through the SWAN Seamless System
  • Talks with resource families after they adopt as they adjust to being new families

The Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange (PAE):

  • Registers families and children in a statewide database
  • Works to match waiting children with registered resource families
  • Manages the Resource Family Registry required by Act 160 of 2004


Pennsylvania Adoption Information Registry (PAIR) 

  • Helps adoptees search for information about their birth families

SWAN Post-Permanency Services

  • Delivers after adoption supports and after other permanency status to families to help them work through difficulties as they arise

By the time children reach our door they are full of potential but carry many of the traumas of their past.  We work with families in many ways to ease that trauma and help children move forward with their lives.  

Adoption Informed Mental Health Providers:

  • Seek to link our adoptive families and families providing other permanency with adoption/permanency competent mental health therapists  

The Education Law Center

  • With offices in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh provides the information and advocacy families need to assure educational success