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Adoption Search

Release of Information and Access to Records

On April 25, 2011, Act 101 of 2010 amended the Adoption Act by expanding the list of individuals who can contact courts and agencies and request information from adoption records.  

The SWAN Adoption Search Guidelines were created to assist individuals with their search and reunion process.  The guidelines help to interpret the law and provide direction with your search inquiry.  Through the SWAN LSI Warmline, SWAN LSI staff assists individuals by directing them to resources for accessing information about their biological roots or contact with a birth family member.

The process of identifying and making these birth family connections is commonly referred to as search and reunion.  Authorized individuals can request non-identifying or identifying information and request contact information for authorized birth family members.  For those impacted by adoption, finding biological roots is important both for medical and personal reasons

You may contact the SWAN LSI Warmline at 888-793-2512 ext 5376 or lsiwarmline@diakon-swan.org if you have additional questions about your search and reunion inquiry.

Please note that the SWAN LSI staff does not provide adoption search and reunification services.

SWAN's Adoption Search Brochure provides important information for those impacted by adoption as they begin their search process.   This general information brochure includes contacts and links to assist searchers with understanding the laws and specific details for searching.