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National Post-Permanency Conference held in Tennessee! by Pam Wagner

I recently attended the National Adoption Support and Preservation Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, where it quickly became very clear that in today’s world collaboration is the name of the game.

The conference included professionals from across the country dedicated to providing and advocating for services that support adoption preservation and permanency for all families.  Attendees included therapists, administrators, county children’s services workers and adoption professionals, to name a few.   All worked together to use their strengths and expertise to create a meaningful conference that inspired all of us to further promote adoption preservation and permanency for the families we serve.

While listening to panels of other professionals highlight their own successful programs, the theme of collaboration was repeated over and over.

Here are just a few examples:

  • A family retreat was created in collaboration with a local camp during the spring and fall off season, including several agencies in the area and supported by a grant from the local rotary club.

  • A mentoring program was formed in collaboration with a local university.

  • Recreation and respite events were held at a local YMCA that provided therapeutic activities for teens while giving a day of respite for the parents.

  • An ”adoption clubhouse” was created for international adoptees and their parents  in collaboration with a local private adoption agency 

  • A “parent Clubhouse” for parents to meet at a local coffee shop offered resources and education on a variety of topics by area affiliates.   

In today’s world many grantors are now only funding organizations that collaborate  with other agencies.  Now is a great time to consider reaching out to other professional organizations to better and more creatively meet the needs of our families. 


Published: Aug. 5, 2015

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