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SWAN LSI Contacts

The LSI Steering committee members are listed below and can be clicked on for more information

SWAN LSI Steering Committee

Full Name Title Phone
Saylor, Richard Administrator 570-326-7895
Moore, Sandra Administrator 717-231-3300
Wahlen, Esq., Michael Adoption Legal Services Project - Manager 717-909-6777
Johnson, Nancy Casework Manager 570-963-6782 x1137
Reinhold, Lynn Community and Systems Development Manager 717-763-1661
Schuler, Helen Blair Court Administrator 610-278-3948
England, Sharon Curriculum and Trainer Development Department Manager 717-795-9048
Lancour, Ann Marie Director of State Projects 202-662-1000
Keiser, Carrie Director, Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) 717-705-4401
Sholley, The Honorable Michael H. Judge 570-524-8641
Johnson, Lorelei LSI Coordinator 717-231-1251
Reigle, Heather LSI Division Manager 717-231-6441
Witt-Washine, Natalie LSI Division Manager 717-231-6449
Palmer, Suzanne LSI Division Manager 717-231-6445
Powers, Marybeth LSI Division Manager 717-231-6436
Mann-Carpenter, Laurie LSI Division Manager 717-231-6455
Burkhart, Gretchen LSI Paralegal - Bedford County 717-558-7271
Baker, Betsy LSI Senior Administrative Assistant 717-558-1224
Muschar, Belinda LSI Senior Division Manager 717-231-6422
Mannering, Stephanie LSI Senior Division Manager 717-558-7349
Weekes, Elizabeth Monroe County Solicitor 570-421-4727
Deck, Lorrie OCYF/DHS - Director, Division of Programs, Bureau of Policy, Programs and Operations 717-772-7046
Eller, Melissa Regional Technical Assistance Division Manager Western Region 717-231-6438
Damiano, Judith Senior Program Manager of Technical Assistance & Training 717-231-6430
Lawrence, Brenda SWAN Program Administrator 717-231-5351
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