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SWAN LSI Contacts

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SWAN LSI Staff Listing

Full Name Title Phone
McKay, Esq., Diann Adoption Legal Services Project - Attorney 717-920-5869
Black, Esq., Amy Adoption Legal Services Project - Attorney 717-558-1240
Wahlen, Esq., Michael Adoption Legal Services Project - Manager 717-909-6777
Della Vecchia, Mary ALSP Paralegal (717) 558-7493
Peters, Lauren Legal Services Training Specialist 717-558-7384
Holstay, Alyssa Legal Services Training Specialist 717-720-5870
Sangster, Shawn Legal Services Training Specialist 717-901-7845
Steeves, Sara Legal Services Training Specialist 717-920-7844
Sunkel, MaryEdna LSI Administrative Assistant 717-231-6435
Barrick, Jamie LSI Coordinator 717-231-6453
Johnson, Lorelei LSI Coordinator 717-231-1251
Reese, Vanessa LSI Coordinator 717-558-7289
Coldren, Yvonne LSI Coordinator 717-558-7275
Carroll, Patricia (Trish) LSI Coordinator 717-231-5364
Britton, Heather LSI Coordinator 717-558-7270
Warner, Heather LSI Coordinator 717-558-7220
Hogan, Diane LSI Coordinator 717-558-7299
Eck, Patricia LSI Coordinator 717-558-7291
McCoy, Rosemarie LSI Coordinator 717-231-6444
Foulds, Elizabeth LSI Coordinator 717-558-7098
Costenbader, Brent LSI Coordinator 717-558-7089
Traup, Eli LSI Coordinator 717-231-6458
Cantarella, Laura LSI Coordinator 717-231-6447
Sifuentes, Stephanie LSI Coordinator 717-558-7482
Castillo, Shelly LSI Coordinator 717-920-5865
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