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SWAN LSI Contacts

The LSI Staff are listed below and can be clicked on to receive more information

SWAN LSI Staff Listing

Full Name Title Phone
Buckley, Kristin LSI Paralegal - York 717-558-7278
Burkhart, Gretchen LSI Paralegal - Bedford County 717-558-7271
Burt, Connie LSI Paralegal - Bradford County 717-558-7272
Cameron, Roxana LSI Paralegal - Wyoming County 717-558-7273
Cantarella, Laura LSI Coordinator 717-231-6447
Carroll, Patricia (Trish) LSI Coordinator 717-231-5364
Carse, Ann Marie LSI Paralegal - Allegheny County 717-558-7490
Castillo, Shelly LSI Coordinator 717-920-5865
Cero, Amanda LSI Paralegal - York County 717-558-7377
Chounet, Lauren LSI Paralegal - Crawford County 717-558-7219
Cicero, Michelle LSI Paralegal - Allegheny County 717-558-7385
Ciobanescu, Ana LSI Paralegal, Philadelphia 717-901-4354
Coldren, Yvonne LSI Coordinator 717-558-7275
Cook, Mary LSI Paralegal - Cumberland 717-909-7534
Cordial, Mary Catherine LSI Paralegal - Somerset 717-901-7853
Corl, Brian LSI Paralegal - Dauphin County 717-231-5355
Cortazzo, Amanda LSI Paralegal - Westmoreland County 717-558-7488
Costenbader, Brent LSI Coordinator 717-558-7089
Cox, Kristine LSI Paralegal, Crawford 717-909-7523
Coyne, Shari LSI Paralegal - Washington County 717-909-7524
Crawford, Criscia LSI Paralegal - Lehigh County 717-558-7370
Criado, Judy LSI Paralegal - Allegheny County 717-558-7276
Croak, Brittany LSI Paralegal - Centre County 717-909-7529
Crouch, Mara LSI Paralegal - Allegheny County 717-558-7290
Cui, Jinghan (Emily) LSI Coordinator 717-558-7201