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SWAN LSI Contacts

The LSI Staff are listed below and can be clicked on to receive more information

SWAN LSI Staff Listing

Full Name Title Phone
Bruno, Katie LSI Coordinator 717-909-7505
Bua, Amy LSI Paralegal - Lancaster County 717-558-7075
Buckley, Kristin LSI Paralegal - York 717-558-7278
Burkhart, Gretchen LSI Paralegal - Bedford County 717-558-7271
Burt, Connie LSI Paralegal - Bradford County 717-558-7272
Byers, Alyssa LSI Paralegal - Union County 717-558-7279
Cameron, Roxana LSI Paralegal - Wyoming County 717-558-7273
Cantarella, Laura LSI Coordinator 717-231-6447
Carroll, Patricia (Trish) LSI Coordinator 717-231-5364
Carse, Ann Marie LSI Paralegal - Allegheny County 717-558-7490
Castillo, Shelly LSI Coordinator 717-920-5865
Cero, Amanda LSI Paralegal - York County 717-558-7377
Chounet, Lauren LSI Paralegal - Crawford County 717-558-7219
Cicero, Michelle LSI Paralegal - Allegheny County 717-558-7385
Coldren, Yvonne LSI Coordinator 717-558-7275
Cook, Mary LSI Paralegal - Cumberland 717-909-7534
Cordial, Mary Catherine LSI Paralegal - Somerset 717-901-7853
Corl, Brian LSI Paralegal - Dauphin County 717-231-5355
Cortazzo, Amanda LSI Paralegal - Westmoreland County 717-558-7488
Costenbader, Brent LSI Coordinator 717-558-7089
Coyne, Shari LSI Paralegal - Washington County 717-909-7524
Crawford, Criscia LSI Paralegal - Lehigh County 717-558-7370
Criado, Judy LSI Paralegal - Allegheny County 717-558-7276
Crouch, Mara LSI Paralegal - Allegheny County 717-558-7290
Cui, Jinghan (Emily) LSI Coordinator 717-558-7201