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Affiliate Listing

Organization Staff Name Phone
Children's Services, Inc. Rogers, Deborah
Progressive Life Center, Inc. Jackson, Laurence
Bethany Christian Services, USA, Pittsburgh Setta, Jessica
Bethany Christian Services of Central Pennsylvania Bekele, Sylvia
New Foundations, Inc Stover, Jennifer 215-203-8733
New Foundations, Inc Kovalchick, Kirsten 215-203-8733 x4401
Northeast Treatment Centers Kelly, Regan 215-238-1426
Children's Choice Park, Karen 215-284-7718
ABS Lincs VA d/b/a First Home Care Fattore, Staci 215-305-4854
Bethanna Anuszkiewicz, Brittany 215-355-6500
Bethanna Hamilton, Karen 215-355-6500
Bethany Christian Services of Greater Delaware Valley Bert, Heather 215-376-6141
Bethany Christian Services of Greater Delaware Valley Hadley, Mary Beth 215-376-6200
Northern Children's Services Flood, Jessica 215-482-1423 x1270
Northern Children's Services Cobbs-Fletcher, Renata 215-482-1423
Madison Adoption Associates Boiarski, Leonette 215-512-8020
Children's Services, Inc. Baum, Angela 215-546-3503
Catholic Social Services Diocese of Philadelphia Sweeney, Joseph 215-587-3908
Council of Spanish Speaking Organization, Inc. Avalos, Julie 215-627-3100 x206
Council of Spanish Speaking Organization, Inc. Banegas, Adonis 215-627-3100 x211
theVillage Services King, Cynthia 215-730-2265
theVillage Services Hewett, Darlene 215-730-2271
Tabor Children's Services, Inc. Banks, Tinesha 215-842-4800
Tabor Children's Services, Inc. Bell, Donnique 215-842-4800
Juvenile Justice Center of Philadelphia Glasgow, Jeanine 215-849-2112
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