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SWAN LSI Incarceration Resource Manual

A Case-Planning Tool to Help Achieve Better Outcomes for Children in the Child Welfare System With Incarcerated Parents

Download the Incarceration Resource Manual | pdf

Working with incarcerated parents who are involved in the child welfare system can be challenging due to lack of knowledge and understanding of county prisons’ policies, procedures and available services.  The Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) Legal Services Initiative (LSI) Incarceration Resource Manual was developed after recognizing the value of compiling county prison policies and procedures into a single, comprehensive document.

This manual contains entries for each Pennsylvania county prison, appendices with more detailed information and links to county prison websites.   It is intended to be a tool to assist caseworkers and supervisors in their case planning with incarcerated parents and for SWAN LSI paralegals as they support the counties’ efforts to engage with these parties.  It is our hope that this resource manual will help achieve better outcomes for children in the child welfare system whose parents are incarcerated and make a difference in the lives of the families we support.

If you have any updates about county prison policies and procedures, questions or concerns please contact lsi-irmupdates@diakon-swan.org.